Metro Tour (every day from 11 am, 2 hours long)

The Moscow Metro was begun in the thirties and its various stations show completely different styles and periods. Each station had its own character. Carrying in excess of 8 million people every day, more than New York and London put together, this system is one of the marvels of inner city transport.

Moscow Metro  metro3  metro2  

Booking is required by 3 pm one day before the tour. Please book by e-mail Данный адрес e-mail защищен от спам-ботов, Вам необходимо включить Javascript для его просмотра. or give us a call at +7-495-232-24-42

To run the tour we need minimum 2 people. Our manager will contact you to confirm your booking by 4 pm one day before the tour. After your booking is confirmed we'll ask you to fill in our Credit Card Form to guarantee the payment. You can then pay via credit card or by cash in our office.

Meeting point is in central located hotel (please let us know where you stay) or in our office (please click for details)

The cost is 800RUR + admission (40 RUR) per person if you pay cash and 960RUR + admission (40 RUR) per person if you pay by credit card.